Sustainable Gardening Guide

4 Essential Supplies for Starting a Sustainable Garden

Crafting an eco-friendly garden involves utilizing classic tools such as shovels, rakes, and plant pots. But by integrating some sustainable gardening supplies, you can elevate the earth-friendliness of your garden.

Here are the four essential tools you want to bring with you:

Compost Pile

An essential aspect of a thriving garden bed, compost serves as an excellent natural fertilizer. That said, the process of transforming your food scraps and organic materials into compost requires time. You’ll need a container or box to store it while it gradually develops.

Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom Seeds

Most of the modern seeds you can find on the market are hybrids and were genetically modified to endure modern farming methods.

Meanwhile, heirloom seeds are those which been nurtured for decades, some with histories surpassing 50 years. By opting for this type of seed, you can enjoy a more robust and tastier harvest.


By forming a protective layer atop the soil, mulch acts as a natural barrier to effectively trap moisture and prevent it from evaporating under the sun’s heat.

This means that your garden’s thirst is quenched for a longer duration, reducing the frequency of necessary watering. This not only conserves water resources but also saves you time and effort.

Another remarkable advantage of mulch is its ability to thwart the growth of unwanted weeds. The mulch layer restricts sunlight from reaching weed seeds which impedes their germination and growth. This translates to less competition for nutrients and space among your desired plants, ensuring a healthier and more productive garden.

Rain Barrel

Using water from your household for garden irrigation can contribute to a hefty water bill. An alternative approach is to consider employing a rain barrel.

This ingenious solution allows you to harness rainwater, providing you with an abundant source of hydration for your garden plants. By making this shift, you not only conserve water but also economize on your water expenses.

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