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Lorax - sorry for the delay. I was moving furniture around in the den and got disconnected after a long day.

I copied this from your camera's specs:

Focus Modes:
Automatic, Manual
Exposure Settings:
Program, Automatic, Manual, Aperture-priority, Shutter-priority
ISO Equivalencies:
100, 400, 200, auto, 50
Metering Characteristics:
Evaluative, Spot AF area, Center-weighted, Spot

The items in bold are what you need to find, although you certainly don't have to shoot that way. I like to isolate my subjects so they don't get lost in a busy background, but that's my preference and not a law.
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Thanks Sage. I'm going to have to get my cheat sheets out and match up what you said with what is on my sheets. Let me see what I can find out about where these areas are on the camera.
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attempts, photo

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