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Default An open letter to MrILoveTheAnts

I recently received a courtesy copy of Native Plants for Honeybees: Creating a Pollinator Garden With Biodiversity In Mind., from the author, MrILoveTheAnts. I want to say how impressed I am with the quality and tenor of this invaluable resource. The breadth and depth of the information on native plants is more than impressive; this book makes an important contribution to the canon of critical reference books on the subject of native plants. While the information is comprehensive and authoritative, the subject is presented in a most accessible tone; the writing and editing allow the author's voice to seem as though he were having a chat with the reader, over the garden fence.

Of course, the topic is not just native plants, but also the symbiotic relationships that pollinators (most notably the honeybee) and dozens of others have with flora, native and non-native. It is truly a marvel, and is obviously a labor of love. This book will find a home on my bookshelf with my other most-referenced native plant and gardening books. At least it will once I have finished reading it cover-to-cover. Thank you for sharing your passion with us, MrILoveTheAnts. We are all richer for it.

P.s. your honey is amazing, too! Thank you so much for sharing!!!
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Hiya, Hedgerow! Nice to see your post.

You expressed that so well it should be a blurb on the book...or at least on a website promoting the book.

I'm enjoying the book and the honey as well!
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I read his book cover to cover, Native Plants for Honeybees: Christopher Murrow: 9781480011038: Amazon.com: Books Impressive!!! And…. I’m not just saying that because he’s 1 of us but because I really mean it. It’s been a while since I read it but his mention of roses and high petal count struck a chord with me….. so much so that I printed that page… then wrote the title of the book and the author at the top with a permanent marker and added the url to the book at Amazon then made 20 or so copies of it and left the stack of pages at the community garden where I volunteer. I used that page again at the only workshop I could do this year and when combined with an actual rose…. the message was pretty powerful…. everyone I was speaking to had an ah ha moment. I’m not going to say anymore…. I really think anyone who’s interested in providing for our pollinators should buy the book or get a copy from the library. You won’t be disappointed. Promise!!!
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I just received my copy...Great book, lot's of photos and it really IS chuck full of info.
It's definitely a coffee table must have. Thank you!
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letter, mrilovetheants, open

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