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Originally Posted by Hedgerowe View Post
Biigblueyes, your comments and the quote that you have posted from Organic Gardening characterizes and clarifies the differences in understanding of the term "organic" among various groups. It is easy to see why confusion exists among laypeople as to what it means. It is both a technical term and a broad understanding of practice.
Too true. There's an interesting discussion of the various definitions of organic gardening from early in the life of this site here:

What is Organic Gardening?
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Confusion among laypeople - I guess there is! Even strong advocates of gardening organically aren't in agreement about what is truly organic. There was much discussion a board meeting for our local CSA about whether the board should prohibit cardboard from being used at the garden for weed control/mulch.

The gardener opposed to cardboard was given info to do more research and has since admitted that cardboard isnt made the way it was when he first heard it was "bad" and is no longer opposed to it. But if a lifelong supporter of organic gardening who once made his living growing organic produce can get stuck on an issue like mulch. . . .
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