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Callicarpa americana, American Beautyberry

Callicarpa americana.jpg
Scientific Name
Callicarpa americana


Callicarpa americana var. lactea

Common Names
American Beautyberry

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Perennial deciduous shrub, multiple stem growth formation

Low maintenance


opposite/sub-opposite leaf arrangement


white to pink


drupe, shiny purple


Callicarpa americana in bloom.jpg
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[top]Similar Species

Non-native Callicarpa dichotoma


American beautyberry is widely distributed throughout the Atlantic and Gulf coastal plains, from Virginia to Florida and west to Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.


woodland, woodland edges

[top]Faunal Associations

oak, oak hickory, pine

[top]Wildlife Value

Early fall berries are eaten by over 40 species of songbirds, and are favorites of cardinals, robins, mockingbirds, purple finches, eastern towhees, and especially northern bobwhite. The fruit is also eaten by raccoon, opossum, and gray fox.



[top]Cultural Requirements

part shade, part sun, dappled shade

relatively drought tolerant once established

intolerant of flooding

[top]Pests and Diseases

relatively pest and disease free


Seeds and semi-hardwood cuttings. Does not require cold moist stratification.


Parts of the plant were used by the Alabama, Choctaw, Creek, Koasati, Seminole and other Native American tribes for medicinal purposes.




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