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Default Death by Mint Oil: Natural Pesticides

Death by Mint Oil: Natural Pesticides
By Gwendolyn Bounds
* JULY 30, 2009, 11:31 A.M. ET

Consumers Turn to Natural Pesticides - WSJ.com
excerpt from above:
This summer, the pests around my house are dying of more natural causes.

One colony of wasps on my deck got neutralized by shots of mint oil. The cabbageworms shredding my broccoli plants were done in by an ingredient culled from seeds of trees native to India. And I annihilated several fire-ant compounds by enticing them to eat bait packed with a soil-dwelling bacterium that fried their tiny nervous systems.
Surprisingly, none of these products were hard to find. Increasingly, well-known insecticide manufacturers, retailers and even professional pest-control services are rolling out solutions derived from natural materials like animals, plants, bacteria and minerals, many of them considered potentially safer to humans, pets and the environment than their synthetic-chemical counterparts. Fueling the move is increased governmental scrutiny over what pesticides we spray in and around our homes, as well as a bid to satisfy more health-conscious consumers—especially women, who typically dictate household pest-solution purchases.
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"Scotts Miracle-Gro Co,.Marysville, Ohio, introduced a seven-product “EcoSense” line under its home pest-defense Ortho brand sold in major retailers such as Home Depot and Wal-Mart. Included in the EcoSense arsenal: an indoor insect-killer spray made from soybean oil and an insecticidal soap for vegetables and plants. EcoSense is on track to meet or exceed sales expectations, the company says." It's our dollar that talks. The more we refuse to purchase their toxic goods and services... the more environmentally responsible they'll have to be to survive.
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- Dr. Seuss
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dragonfly01 Pet n Kid-Safe Cockroach n Mouse Bait

Hanh mitakuyapi. Someone with a lot more time on their hands than I has found out that mice & cockroaches can't burp or vomit. So you can make a bait that is safe around kids & most pets (NOT horses, though!).

1 C flour 1/4 C peanut butter 1 pkg dry yeast
1 C baking soda 1/4 - 1/2 C vinegar

Mix the 1st 4 ingredients thoroughly. Then add only enough vinegar to moisten so the dough will stay together. Make into pellets / little balls or squares & place where mice &/or cockroaches will find them (nearly anywhere ). Doesn't matter if they dry - they'll last longer if they do & will still work. Or you can dry them 1st & then put them out. Whichever.

When the mice / cockroaches eat the mix, it will make gas in their stomaches & cockroaches will explode inside or mice will turn into "mouse ballons". either way they are dead.

Cats & dogs can vomit so won't be affected by them. Horse CANNOT vomit, so these could cause a problem if they got into the stash.. Death by colic or twisted intestine is horrible....

I can't help but wonder if this mix would also kill carpenter ants, but haven't tried it for that. We don't have termites here, but we do have carpenter ants. Hope this helps someone.
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Sounds like a wonderful idea, Pahinh Winh! I don't think I'll use it with a Great Dane in the house, though -- they're prone to sudden death from intestinal malfunctions that twist them all up. Probably a result of size -- we humans bred them bigger than the canine design could accomodate, perhaps. Anyway, I mention it because I think I remember that there are others here with Danes.
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Unicellular Fungi
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I am happy to say we have no cockroaches or mice in our home. I would try this if we had cockroaches.
"In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; we will understand only what we have been taught."
-Baba Dioum, Senegalese ecologist
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dragonfly01 For What It's Worth..

Hanh mitakuyapi. For what it's worth, I taste-tested a ball about 5/16" diameter.. Sure made gas in me! Good thing I live alone & was spending the day outside when I did it.. If it does that to cockroaches &/or mice.. They're fine in their place; their place isn't in my house!
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Originally Posted by Pahinh Winh View Post
They're fine in their place; their place isn't in my house!
I'm with you on that one. You've used it before. Do the mice die inside the house?
My yarden and I lean a little to the wild side.
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I'm down with using the stuff on cockroaches...but not on mice. It seems like it would cause them quite a bit of pain, and I just can't go there. My mom always told me if you have to kill an animal, kill it instantly.

When I lived in Chicago, in an apartment above a restaurant, I had lots of cockroaches. I used boric acid, and it kept them down quite a bit, and the cats weren't interested in it.
"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.....and spiders." Me and Franky D.
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death, mint, natural, oil, pesticides

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