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bear AK- No bear deaths this season in Kenai-Russian fishing zone

No bear deaths this season in Kenai-Russian fishing zone
Published: August 24th, 2009 10:11 PM
Last Modified: August 25th, 2009 06:31 PM

No bear deaths this season in Kenai-Russian fishing zone: Bears in Alaska | adn.com
excerpts from above:
A year after nine bears were killed in defense of life and property near the confluence of the Russian and Kenai rivers, the death toll dipped to zero this summer.
While there's no single cause for the sharp decline in bear deaths, fish and wildlife managers say that simply removing nine bears in 2008 contributed.

"We killed a lot of bears last year, so we didn't have repeat visitors this year," said Bobbi Jo Skibo, an interagency coordinator working for Chugach National Forest, a big landowner in the area. "But new bears in the area are starting to learn bad habits."
Despite an effort to have anglers pack fish out whole or chop waste into tiny pieces, the Kenai and Russian river banks have been littered with salmon carcasses this season.
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See... here's another one that seems to scream for some action to be taken. They wonder why bears in the area are starting to learn bad habits when the "sportsman" can't follow the simple rule of packing out their fish whole or chopping waste into tiny pieces. They should shut down the area next year and post signs as to why they are shutting it down asking for cooperation in following what should be pretty self explanatory rules. Bet the next year they opened up they wouldn't have anglers behaving like their mommies were tagging along after them to pick up. If "sportsmen" can't be respectful... why continue to reward them for slovenly behavior by giving them access to that area> ??? Consequences. Where are their consequences? The bears paid for their lack of respect for the land.
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