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Old 07-10-2012, 01:05 PM   #1
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Default Deer and prolonged drought effects

I know many parts of the country have too many deer and that's a problem. We don't have that particular problem any more. During all those years of drought, most died. The rest are pretty much too small and thin. Recently, we've been seeing a few more deer. They evidently came here from somewhere...maybe because there hadn't been any significant rain in a month and a half. Deja vu! I saw this in previous years. I continue to put out water for wildlife and have started putting out deer food. At a feed store yesterday, the guy there asked if I was seeing fawns. I had to admit I'd only seen one this year and that was just recently. He said the usual spring fawn season hardly happened at all. And now some does are having fawns late. It reminded me of what I've seen in documentaries and people that live in very poor undeveloped countries. You know...very small, undernourished girls are married off too young and that means major problems for both the girls and their babies. Anyway, I thought something like that is happening with deer here...the few does that did survive last year are too small and thin. We've had a little drizzle last night and this morning. So I'm waiting, hoping for a decent rain, which we haven't had since early May. Right now, we're in severe drought, according to the weather people...better stage of drought than last summer, at least.
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I have had a lot of deer here in central Texas. There are a lot of people who feed deer around here. Not me. I will see 5 deer out in my front field on any given evening. There are two does each with twins. I have been chasing them out of the garden when I leave the gate open accidently. They have been much bolder in coming up to the house. climbing up on the porch to get at potted plants. It is dry here also untill yesterday. There is not much out there for them.

The parks and rec guys were really worried about the overpopulation of the deer and the impact that they would have on the drought damaged environment. They put out a call to hunters that they could shoot an extra 30 deer if they shot does during this last winters hunting season. They were worried that the hunters would stay home because the deer were tiny. They pled with the hunting community to get out there and do a serious culling to get the deer in balance with the dry land. We had a wet and warm winter. We sprouted plants bug time and the deer around here got big and fat. They were out in the woods eating god knows what. I do know that this was the first year that our Yucca blossoms were not eaten and they are pigs wuth them. Things dried up and the deer have moved in big time. I have seen a lot of motherless does.

We had 2 1/4 inch last night and 1.9 inches tomight. My girlfiend in Webberville got 8-10" this morning!!!
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Hooray for the rain, Damianita. We're hoping for some here in WV, as that which came with the June 29 storm ran off so fast as to do little good. My yellow clay backyard is attempting to evolve into one giant brick.
"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need." --Cicero

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Well, I'm glad you and your friend got all that rain! That's great for the plants! So far, we haven't gotten much...1/4 inch total for the last few days, even though the news is talking about flooding in San Antonio. We definitely don't have any overpopulation of deer in this area. It's probably just as well that the fawns are so few this year, since it's beginning to look like a tough year for deer and plants both here. This must be a chronically drought-prone area now, because we've been severely impacted here over many years by lack of rain. We did have enough rain over the winter (beginning in December), so that was good. But this spring, we were dry again. One good rain in early May, then nothing until this 1/4 inch. I know about that "giant brick" thing, Rebek...we've had a lot of that here...although it's mostly caliche and rock here! It has been quite an education going through so much drought here...I've seen things I wouldn't have believed was possible before this.
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Glad you Texans are getting at least some rain, even though it came all at once.

Rebek, have you had more rain since June 29? We've had thunderstorms and rains every night all week now, about 1/2" a night. I like those kind of rains. It makes it kind of steamy outdoors but I don't have to water new plants and it gets to soak in instead of running off. Hooray for mulch!
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