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Default DIY Self-Watering Transplant Tray

DIY Self-Watering Transplant Tray
July 31st, 2011

DIY Self-Watering Transplant Tray - Vegetable Gardener
excerpt from above:
One of the most critical tasks in growing your own transplants is making sure they have consistent moisture. This can be time-consuming if you're growing a lot of them. Not to mention occasions where one might not be able to water them as often as they would like, be on vacation, etc. For the most part this problem is now solved!

This transplant tray is almost totally self-watering and self maintaining. Here's how it works once it is set up and timed correctly:

At a set time, water is pumped from the bottom reservoir into the top tray, providing a high-enough water level to wick some of the water into the transplant containers, watering them. Holes drilled at the four corners prevent this water level from...
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