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Default Invasive species of the week the common pigeon or rock dove (Columba livia)

Invasive species of the week the common pigeon or rock dove (Columba livia)
By Juliet Manning

The Argosy.ca
excerpt from above:
City officials probably resent pigeons for the financial costs they incur. Because it has acidic faeces, it can cause significant damage to...
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We were just discussing re shingling our home when I ran into this article talking about the side effects of bird feces. Since we live along the bay I had mentioned the fact that some birds (mostly seagulls) like to take up residence along certain homes. Would the coloration of a roof possibly be why they perch on some and not others. Their feces will take the finish off of your car if not removed promptly so I'm wondering if shingle coloration makes a difference or not?
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