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David Hunter> “plant them in a box vertically and place saw dust over the whole pile about 1/2" deep.” Interesting concept…. I think it could go far getting folk who haven’t exactly been being good stewards to the land on the right track if combined with a “primer” on why we don’t leave old straws in fields for years.
I encourage mason bee raisers to NOT use blocks of wood.” Just curious…. what exactly do you encourage us to use? Is there some magical product out there I missed that auto-harvests bees in fall then auto-replaces their tubes? Can I like sit in my house and push a button on a bee-remote and presto…. the bees in my stump will be taken care of ? I’m not into gadgets anymore but…. for a product like that…. I’d make an exception!!!
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Is a new block of wood every year drilled and placed so very expensive. If left alone in natural areas the bees will not reuse holes contaminated with old nests. They will just find new. Many more bees are ground nesters and need only be left space where they can excavate their own nest. The problems begin when we want more bees than we are willing to allocate habitat to accomodate.
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