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Default Ocean Acidification — a little bit less alkalinity could be a good thing

Ocean Acidification — a little bit less alkalinity could be a good thing
Tackling tribal groupthink

Ocean Acidification — a little bit less alkalinity could be a good thing JoNova
excerpt from above:
In Brief: The oceans are not acidic, and will not become acidic in the foreseeable future. Many of the fears and alarming scenarios are based on models. Many scary headlines are based on studies of extreme pH values beyond the range of anything realistic.

Incredibly, hundreds of studies show that for pH changes that we are likely to encounter in the next 100 years, there is arguably a net benefit to underwater life if the oceans became a little less alkaline...
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That’s an excellent article!!! I think it’s important for folk to know that many of the most highly publicized models have been “tinkered with”….. “Studies of how marine life copes with less alkaline conditions include many experiments with water at pH values in a range beyond anything that is likely on planet Earth — they go beyond the bounds of what’s possible.” And for anyone using the models when speaking publicly….. not only did they assume ocean acidification was real..... they were designed so they could be throttled as in….. tailored to your audience just like other IPCC models. In other words…. if you have an audience that’s receptive to the root of all evil being our inability to capture, sequester, and tax CO² emissions…. like college students…. throttle the model well beyond anything that’s possible on earth to the upper limits of 4 entire pH units to “WOW” them…. that’s 4.0 NOT 0.4….. be quick or you’ll miss the location of the decimal point. That’d be a “10,000 fold change in the concentration of hydrogen ions”…. which would guarantee everyone would walk out of the auditorium quaking in their boots and demanding action. Models can and have been manipulated. I think this sums up what went on with the ocean acidification “models” they’re sharing with us, “That’s a shift so large, it’s not going to occur in the next few thousand years, even under the worst of the worst case scenarios by the most sadistic models. Indeed, it’s virtually impossible for CO2 levels to rise high enough to effect that kind of change, even if we burned every last fossil, every tree, plant microbe, and vaporized life on earth. (Yet still someone thought it was worth studying what would happen if, hypothetically, that happened. Hmm.)” Our tax $$$ at work trying to create fear where none should exist…. again…. funding “research” that does zip nadda nothing to get to the root of our problems but everything to perpetuate mass hysteria. I think “sadistic” was a good choice of words when referring to some of these models that have been paraded in public view by the media as “proof” positive we’re facing extinction events of Biblical proportions in our oceans if everyone doesn’t agree to do something about CO² levels. What’s going on in our news is just another call to CO² arms is all, Science Academies Unite to Save Oceans. IMO..... we’d be better served if they stopped putting all our research $$$ into 1 basket and spread it out a little more before our entire food web collapses to…. ohhhh….. scientists asking tough questions like….. 'Is herpes virus killing coral?', Is herpes virus killing coral? | Earth | EarthSky, "Researchers say viral disease – particularly herpes – might have a role in the worldwide decline of coral...The review authors point out that world coral declines are reaching crisis proportions." I think there’s a lot worse things than “alleged” ocean acidification affecting our coral reefs like…..sediments from inland construction…. the unsustainable harvesting of corals by the pet industry so hobbyists can outfit their salt water tanks with “natural” looking backdrops for their fish…. the dumping of toxic chemicals and human waste into the oceans because it’s expensive properly disposing of toxic waste and many countries lack the infrastructure to deal with urine and feces…. the mining of our reefs for limestone…. the dredging of our harbors…. the anchoring of industrial wind turbines to our ocean floors ….. invasive species…. oil spills (I still don’t understand why we refer to them as “spills”) and another biggie…. pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that are making their way to our oceans. Corals really aren’t all that different than polar bears or us….. we’ll ALL need a clean environment or we won’t be able to survive for the long haul.
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