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turtle Duck's Boon Might Be a Turtle's Bane: Overturned Duck Nest Boxes Can Be Death Traps for Turtles

Duck's Boon Might Be a Turtle's Bane: Overturned Duck Nest Boxes Can Be Death Traps for Turtles
Nov. 3, 2011

Duck's boon might be a turtle's bane: Overturned duck nest boxes can be death traps for turtles
excerpt from above:
Duck nest boxes used to aid cavity-nesting ducks can prove to be turtle death traps. That was the discovery made by University of Cincinnati Educator Associate Professor Denis Conover, of the Department of Biological Sciences in UC's McMicken College of Arts and Sciences, when he came upon a duck nest box in the wetlands of southern Ohio's Miami Whitewater Forest. The box had tipped over. Turtle corpses were strewn about the mud and mire surrounding the fallen nesting box. Several species of turtles had been trapped by the box, and not all of them made it out alive.

Conover's concern for the turtles' welfare led him and co-authors Wayne Wauligman and Karen Cody, a naturalist, to write "Tipped Over Duck Nest Box Traps Turtles in a Restored Wetland (Ohio)," to raise awareness about the problem of…
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So what, the turtles swim into the turned over boxes then can not get out? Not something I would have thought of. I suppose they are correct that more careful monitoring is the answer. I have never actually seen this happen though. Has anyone here?
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