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Default ADK urges hikers to give invasive species the brush-off

ADK urges hikers to give invasive species the brush-off
August 8, 2010

ADK urges hikers to give invasive species the brush-off Outdoors Press-Republican
excerpt from above:
The Adirondack Mountain Club urges hikers to give their boots a good brushing after each hike to remove any seeds of invasive plant species and help prevent their spread to other wild areas.

"Because of the rapid spread of invasive species such as garlic mustard, Japanese knotweed and wild parsnip, hikers should include a whisk broom or brush as part of their hiking gear," said Neil Woodworth, executive director of the Adirondack Mountain Club. "By giving your boots or shoes a good brushing before leaving the area, you can help prevent seeds from spreading to the next trail you hike."

Hikers should also clean their clothing, backpacks and equipment before going to a new area to hike. Campers should shake out their tents before breaking camp to dislodge invasive seeds.

Invasive plants tend to push out native species and disrupt natural habitats...
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Dogs need to be raked too. I see people letting their dogs run all the time. They bring them with and you can sometimes see seed sticking to their fur romping around sniffing here there and everywhere off the trails. It's not just boots and clothing that need a brush off.... it's dogs too.
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