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Default Houston, Texas Butterfly Garden Guide


North American Butterfly Association Announces a Butterfly Garden Guide for Houston Texas

MORRISTOWN, NJ (January 2011) - Loss of habitat is a primary threat to wild butterflies. With fewer wild areas available that support their life cycle, people in many areas in the United States see fewer butterflies in general and fewer species of butterflies in particular. While many of the factors that threaten butterfly habitat, such as urbanization and climate change, are beyond individual control, everyone can do their part to help increase butterfly habitat by planting nectar and caterpillar food plants that are appropriate to the region in which they live. Restoring butterfly habitat is something to which each of us can contribute.

The North American Butterfly Association is happy to announce its latest Butterfly Garden Guide. Prepared specially for Houston, Texas, this guide provides gardeners and homeowners in the greater Houston area with all the information they need on how to start a butterfly habitat. Visit Butterfly Gardens and Habitats Homepage for Butterfly Gardening to view the new guide.

With around one hundred different butterflies seen in the greater Houston area, it can be daunting to know where to start. The Houston Garden Guide provides photos and descriptions of the most commonly seen butterflies in the area and the plants that those butterflies prefer.

The guide is intended for everyone who would like to increase butterfly habitat, no matter what garden size is available to them. From a few potted plants on a patio to a ten-acre roadside planting, beautiful butterfly gardens can be created with the help of this guide that will increase the area available for butterflies to grow and reproduce.

The North American Butterfly Association, Inc. (NABA), a non-profit organization, was formed to promote public enjoyment and conservation of butterflies. Membership in NABA is open to all those who share our purpose. To find out more, please visit North American Butterfly Association Home Page

Jane Hurwitz, Director NABA Butterfly Garden and Habitat Program
(973) 285-0907

The following plants have been selected and rated by NABA members as important native plants for the 100 or so butterflies that can be seen in the Greater Houston area.
Butterfly Garden Guide for Greater Houston TX
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That will be helpful. Not many plants listed yet, but it's a start. I sent my daughter a copy of Butterfly Gardening for the South by Geyata Ajilvsgi (which unfortunately, seems to be out of print now) recently. They are having a house built in Houston and she agreed to have a butterfly garden put in the yard. It's a beautiful book...now I need another copy for myself!
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Pollinator Partnership

Just put in your zip code to find the planting guide for your area.
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