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Originally Posted by havalotta View Post
Would a fox be so bold as to come near and snatch her up?

Has any one ever heard of a fox snatching up pups or tiny dogs?
The fox website | FAQs | Problems in urban areas

I've read that if you see foxes, you likely don't have coyotes. So you got that going for ya.

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Seriously, do not leave a dog out alone when attached to a line.
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Thanks Clark. That makes me feel a bit better about letting her out in the eve when the fox comes out a romping.

Come Spring, I look out over the ice every morning for the coyotes out in search of a mate.
It's rare but we've spotted two of them in the twenty some years we've lived here on the bay.

Sage, her line is pretty short and she's only out for her duties then right back inside she comes. I miss having a dog romp besides me loose but with her being so tiny I have no other choice. The Eagles are quick...Real quick. If she's loose and I don't watch her every minute, They will SURELY snatch her. Twice...they came near to getting her. Even with me yelling and screaming at them, jumping up and down and flapping my arms all about it was only at the last second when they were DIRECTLY above her and I that the chose to veer off!!!
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