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Default CO- Hundreds of birds die of starvation after spring snowstorm

Hundreds of birds die of starvation after spring snowstorm
Reid Tulley
April 29, 2013

Hundreds of birds die of starvation after spring snowstorm | SkyHiDailyNews.com
excerpt from above:
“It’s not uncommon in robin populations to have a wide up and down, it’s actually rather typical,” said District Wildlife Manager Mike Crosby. “Nature always persists.” The robin population should have no problem recovering from the incident, he said.

It is believed the recent snowfall covered the bird’s food source and caused the birds to starve.

Robins survive mostly on insects, Crosby said. And due to the snow they were not able to get to the ground to retrieve food to keep up with their energy demands and subsequently...
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We were in a deep freeze and blanketed in snow when the robins started showing up by me and I knew some woudl starve to death if I didn't do something. I was looking around for what to offer robins when the ground is frozen and blanketed in snow…. I didn’t find much. I put out a ceramic bird bath and started digging around in the bottom of my composter for worms and put them out as an offering along with some canned dog food I bought and some scrambled eggs. The robins found the worms lickety split but.... wouldn't touch the other offerings. What do folk do when they don't have composters that stay warm enough to harbor worms??? Just curious.

adding something... here's the link that mentioned dog food, http://www.learner.org/jnorth/tm/rob...tAnswer05.html. I wouldn't put my faith in that site because they said robins never used the same nest twice and some of the robins nests I've got around here were definitely re-used.
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