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Default Lack of sustainable agriculture: Biggest threat to the environment

Lack of sustainable agriculture: Biggest threat to the environment

‘Thirsty crops cause water shortages and pollution', WWF - Thirsty crops cause water shortages and pollution, "Agriculture, the largest industry in the world, is also the biggest threat to the environment. Inefficient food production and harmful agriculture subsidies are causing deforestation, water shortages and pollution…The lack of sustainable agriculture harms the environment by sucking rivers, lakes and underground water sources dry, increasing soil salinity and thereby destroying its quality, and by washing pollutants and pesticides into rivers that in turn destroy downstream ecosystems such as corals and breeding grounds for fish in coastal areas."
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Sustainable agricultural includes more than organic methods to increase biodiversity.


However, biodiversity in agricultural landscapes is obviously affected by many factors other than the farming system.
Non-cropped areas, such as field margins, edge zones, habitat islands, hedgerows, natural pastures, wetlands, ditches, ponds and other small habitats, are important refuges and source areas for many organisms.
Maintenance of biodiversity in agricultural landscapes will depend on the preservation, restoration and management of such habitats (Stopeset al. 1995; Baudryet al)
"Half Earth Quest" Edward O. Wilson

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