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Originally Posted by hazelnut View Post
Consumers are not necessarily as ignorant as they might of been just 5 or 10 years ago. Green concepts are everywhere. And kids are learning about green in school and so the parents are involved. And by green I mean ecology and sophisticated concepts about how plants alter the environment -- not just buying 7th generation dishwashing soap.
I am a substitute rural mail carrier, and I routinely pass some 700 properties. Unfortunately, in the four years I've been doing this, I have not seen a single "conversion" to native landscaping. There may well be some that I can't see or don't notice, but the lawns and exotic landscaping continue, and new homes all get new lawns and the usual plantings. It's also rare to see any attempt to limit or remove established invasives. Alas, as a native plant convert, my job is now making me crazy because I have to keep driving past all these "bad things"!
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There have been some changes here -- in the parks, the Alabama Treasure forest program, but there are also lots of empty lots infested with kudzu, chinaberry, wisteria, privet, and lots of other invasives.

It would take a real revolution to get absentee landowners to do anything about the messes they maintain.

The city routinely douses ditchbanks with Round Up maintaining their own weed fields along the roadsides. The garden clubs planted wildflowers but they only lasted one season before they were doused along with the other roadside weeds. Many of the people who maintain public properties are illiterate. Often prisoners are employed for road side clean ups--and not many of them can read.

So lack of education and exposure to basic concepts is still a problem here.
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I am not sure that the prisoners are to blame, they are probably just doing what they are told to do. I really think that the problem is our respective state governments' failed and foolish policies when it comes to road side maintenance. They always seem to be looking for the easy way out and the quickest solution regardless of the consequences. When those policies fail or they cause more problems, they go down the same path and make things even worse. The solution to a failed policy is not another foolish one that is also bound to fail.
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