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Default Master Gardener: Invasive plants harming area's native biodiversity

Master Gardener: Invasive plants harming area's native biodiversity
Martha Proctor, UC Master Gardener
Posted: 09/25/2009 10:26:53 PM PDT

Master Gardener: Invasive plants harming area's native biodiversity - Marin Independent Journal
excerpt from above:
Non-native refers to species that were directly or indirectly introduced to a given region by human activity. Non-natives are not necessarily invasive, but they can become invasive if introduced to an area with a similar climate to their native land and/or if the vast and complex array of natural controls present in their native lands are not present in their new location. The invasive plants that are most harmful to native biodiversity significantly change ecosystem processes, often so much so that many native plants and animals can barely survive in the area, if at all...
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A picture is worth a thousand words! I think this wikipedia photo of an eastern cottontail searching in vain for food in a patch of garlic mustard that has displaced the food plants he normally eats speaks volumes on the invasive plant problem for wildlife.
File:A cotton-tailed rabbit surrounded by invasive garlic mustard, mugwort, and burdock.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Image: Sue Sweeney.

"A cotton-tailed rabbit surrounded by garlic mustard, mugwort (? and burdock). None of these invasive species are food for this animal."
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BINGO... that photo epitomizes what we're doing to wildlife when we delay controlling action. It's habitat destruction... we're starving them out.
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