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Originally Posted by jack View Post
Great acquisition! And for the right price!!

I *really* hope that they bring more, but I know others have requested it too.

Originally Posted by jack View Post
It sounds like you've already spread them, but the knotweed could very well grow right up through the mulch, regardless of how much you piled on. I've heard stories of it growing up through hardtop.
I did spread a lot of it already.

The knotweed is an ongoing battle. I've been mowing it down and weakening it. This year the lack of rain took its toll on them too. So yesteday I sickled down the less than robust growth, pulled some out, and covered it all in mulch. I still have another section to do.

Yes, I've read that too--that knotweed can ruin foundations and such, so...

Originally Posted by jack View Post

One effective way to stop it, though, is to cover it with cardboard - large pieces like from a refrigerator or something big, and then cover the cardboard with your mulch. Even knotweed cannot drill a hole through firm cardboard.
...cardboard sounds counter intuitive. Hard to believe cardboard could stop such a thing! Do you speak from personal experience that the cardboard method worked against Japanese knotweed?

I'll be happy if the mulch just slows it down and weakens it more so I can be totally rid of it in a year or two. I had *one* shoot coming up in a front bed. I've just repeateadly pulled it out...last year it was only two or three leaves coming up. I pulled it out and have not seen it at all this year.

Here's hoping I can be rid of it in this area before too long.
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