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trophy ~July 2011 POTM Winners!

Congratultions to turttle for her winning photo!

~July 2011 POTM Winners!-wasp-blossom-facing-camera-web-turttle-7-29-2011-5-05-15-pm.jpg Wasp on blossom


~July 2011 POTM Winners!-cyathus-striatus-cropped-dsc_1181-acr-jpdenk-7-30-2011-9-38-18-am.jpg 2nd Place Ciathus striatus, jpdenk

~July 2011 POTM Winners!-mystery-beetles1-scarecrowsdrm-8-1-2011-8-22-44-pm.jpg 3rd Place Mystery Beetle, scarecrowsdrm
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