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Originally Posted by suunto View Post
The first images are of a larva of a lady beetle (Coleoptera; Coccinellidae), apparently that of the Asian multi-colored lady beetle, Harmonia axyridis - see for a comparison. Unfortunately, I cannot provide a specific name for your little moth; these little buggers ('microlepidoptera') give me fits...
Well, I think that does nothing to dent your reputation as our resident expert. The fact is that through the internet in general and WG specifically, I'm learning so much about flora and fauna that I'll never retain it all. Insects and spiders in particular are so varied and subtle in their distinctions that I can only remember the names of the more common ones.
Still, I appreciate every ID you provide and the links to further information. Though I may not retain the specific information in my forebrain, I truly believe that it enters my subconscious and helps me grasp the interwoven macrocosm that is our planet, and indeed our universe. (Sorry, didn't mean to go all cosmic on you.)
Besides, I really included that "little bugger" because c'mon, look at him. He's so cool looking!

Originally Posted by dapjwy View Post
Hmm...I think I'd forgotten that when I first got into the idea of getting rid of lawn and putting back wildflowers, I had tried to cultivate--or wanted to include chickory in my meadow. It was so long ago (I was a teenager, I think)...I have to admit that I don't think twice about it now--I see it as an alien and have spotted one or two of them in my meadow and my reaction is to remove them.

I think I had a more disappointing realization with the hawkweeds--especially the shorter orange one--I still think they are beautiful, but I'm slowly trying to remove them from our property. ...Talk about confusion with common names...I grew up calling it Indian paintbrush...not until I was older did I learn the name "hawkweed".

Our house is what is left of a homestead that dates back at least into the late 1800s...who knows how long before that, that it was cleared. I find that there are still some natives dotted around the property, but not nearly as many as I'd like to find. I've got a *lot* of work ahead of me if I'm to transform it from a mostly European meadow back to an American meadow (or my closest approximation).
I'll admit that I am torn. While I don't own my own property, I can (and do) speculate on how I would handle it if I did. Now, I'd definitely do everything possible to eliminate invasives but I'd be tempted to allow some of the more benign non-natives to remain. I'd certainly do the research to find out what effect they might have on the natives but I'd concentrate on problem plants and such. And I have to admit, call me shallow if you will, that beauty would affect my decisions.
Now, you're a man on a mission. You want to recreate, as closely as possible, a meadow from Pre-Colombian North America, and I applaud you for that effort and support you whole-heartedly. I just don't know if I have such a singularity of purpose on this issue.

Originally Posted by dapjwy View Post
Keep the macro shots lets me see something in a whole new light.
Have no fear, they will not stop. I am slightly addicted to sharing beauty with those who can appreciate it. WG fills that bill perfectly.
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