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Originally Posted by Sage View Post
You clearly don't have enough birds there!
Originally Posted by swamp thing View Post
I don't know about this species, but native birds often turn up their noses at foreign invaders, whether they'd be good food or not. Birds haven't put much of a dent in the Japanese beetle's population, but that may be changing...slowly.
I'd be thrilled to have more birds...but, honestly, I'm very happy to have a few different species nesting in the yard and others that I spot foraging or just flying through. I'm thrilled...but I want MORE! --strange, why did I just flash on Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds? I barely remember that movie. [In case you all haven't noticed, my brain works in mysterious (odd) ways.]

Well, swamp thing, I'm a bit of a picky eater myself and don't often try new foods, so I can't blame them. I guess I'd better get out there and try to take care of them myself--thanks for the reminder.
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