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Originally Posted by Equilibrium View Post
"Try one of the yellows like Carola, Valisa, or German Butterball; if you're adventurous, try Royal Burgundy - some people find the blue flesh off-putting, but the flavor is great, and they hold up well in stews and the like." I was able to buy the German Butterball. I never could find the Royal Burgundy. Is it possible that's the wrong name for it and maybe it's called 'Highland Red Burgundy'? Either way.... I can't find a source for either of them and I'd like to pre-order the Royal Burgundy.
For some reason, Royal Burgundy seems to have fallen from its perch. I suggest trying Purple Majesty, available from Ronniger Potato Farm LLC (Welcome to Ronniger Potato Farm LLC) and Irish Eyes Garden Seeds (Irish Eyes Garden Seeds), or "Adirondack Blue from Pinetree Garden Seeds (

We enjoyed the first new potatoes of the year (Carolas) last night, along with freshly hulled peas...
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