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Default Login Timeouts

A couple of times when I have been in the process of entering a post or reviewing/entering some Control Panel information I've gotten a screen that says 'you must log in' when I attempted to enter the information. I was logged in when I started the process. I assume that there is some time limit (perhaps 1 hour?) of 'no activity' after which I was automatically logged out by the system.

Admittedly, I can be painfully slow when composing a post or entering other information. And I assume that while typing in a post, the system does not perceive any 'activity'.

Fortunately, on this system I did not loose any information. After I re-logged in I was returned right to where I left off. (When this kind of thing happens on Yahoo Mail, everything is lost.) But this is still somewhat disconcerting. Could the 'no activity' time period be made a little longer?
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