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Default 'Thrill killing' poachers pose threat to wildlife

'Thrill killing' poachers pose threat to wildlife
Jan 26, 2010
By Jeff DeLong, USA TODAY

'Thrill killing' poachers pose threat to wildlife -
excerpt from above:
Deer, elk and even raccoons have a new type of predator to worry about: Poachers who kill increasingly for the thrill of it.

Scott Talbott, an assistant division chief with Wyoming's Fish and Game Department, calls it "wanton destruction" that goes beyond shooting.

Poachers run down deer with cars or snowmobiles, and chase raccoons, then beat them to death with clubs. They also shoot deer, elk and antelope, sometimes removing valuable antlers but often leaving the carcass to rot on the ground, Talbott and other wildlife officials said...
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