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You'd be surprised how many of the younger crowd are willing to do a little extra work to save the planet, when given the opportunity.

One of the local Starbucks seems to have adopted me. I visited several of them to try to get coffee grounds for my community garden, but I started in the spring when there were many people zipping in to pick them up. I tried again lately, and at one particular store, they didn't have any for 3 trips in a row. I stopped making the trip to that town. They called me one day and said they had a trash bag full for me. Now they not only save me the one pretty foil container each store is given, they save the rest in a trash bag for me. They have offered to come and help me with a project in the garden, and have even spoken to a fast food place nearby and they have employees willing to help too. Just waiting for spring to ask them to come over and help!

The twenty-somethings don't seem to have that ingrained resistance to tree-hugging that our generation has.
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