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If your yahoo group is "green" you are welcome to contact Staff to learn how to start a whole thread just for your green site in this area-

There are 10 of us who had a vision which is reflected in our Mission Statement. We pooled our resources and each one of us contributed 10-15 names to send invitations to in an attempt to jumpstart the site. From there, new members have been sharing names with us to send invitations to.

Rain/water is an across the board concern.

We currently have no plans for a southwest/desert/arid wildlife forum. We don't have the membership to support it and may never given we are a niche site where discussions of native flora and fauna are welcome in all forums.

We have no plans for regional forums. They were discussed. We do have plans for Level I ecoregion forums once the membership grows to the extent it would be able to support same.
Based on how well those meet the needs of the community, breaking out to Level II may be a possibility.

Regional forums won't meet the needs of the Wildlife Gardeners forums for some of the very reasons you mentioned but we believe ecoregions will.
Welcome to Wildlife Gardeners! Please join us today to participate in the discussions.
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