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My subdivision has like 30 homes in it. We're spread pretty far apart. Most of the "right chromosomes" are in the next subdivision over which also only has like 30 homes in it. I drive out of this subdivision on a rural road and into the next one looking for the "right chromosomes" and when I find one I hand them my chainsaw and they hand it back to me... I drive out of their subdivision... onto the rural road for all of a half a mile... back into mine... and I'm ready to go. This has been going on ever since I took my chainsaw classes. I rarely ever pass a car going the other direction. Nobody sees me... nobody questions... and nobody expects baked goods from the old lady with the chain saw. I do buy a pack of Christmas cards and stick a Happy Ho Ho in their mail boxes and thank them for the starts. I do give them homemade candles that are color coordinated with dyes to the decorating in their homes... which I can see when they open their front doors. One guy did offer to come and take care of what ever I needed cutting down once so I wouldn't hurt myself. When I told him I had cut down over 5,000 buckthorns as of that date he said oh and asked if I'd cut down one for him since I was there. I did. I went home and got some happy juice to paint his stump and then cut down the trunk to firewood for him so he could stack it up. I do go out and cut down buckthorn neighbors want gone. Most of them don't have alot because their lots were leveled before they built so they could have lawns. They mostly only have a 25 footer in a corner of their lot and those come down easily enough and in the direction you want them to fall.
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