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Glad you got to see a few blossoms!
Deer are eating me out of house and home here. I am SOOOO fed up with trying to protect things. Once the fawns grow up a bit they come a scavenging. I'm almost.... to the point of, why do I even bother yet I so love the florals and keep on fighting well up to a point anyway.

Couple years ago I pulled whatever needed trimming yearly, last year the spitters and runners went, this year the duplicates went and just last week, began removing many of what the deer favor. I hate doing it but no sense in me having the things only to get ate before I see the beauty of their blossoms. Two areas of lilies were deleted and in their place, something else shall be split up and moved in to multiply hopefully not favored by the deer.
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A walk among the elusive Whitetail Deer
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