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well here is an update.
1st off the weather has been terrible. Since we planted I'd venture to say we have had approx 1/2 of rain. Thats over almost a month.

Things are very dry. My 2 year old prairie on the north hilltop is crunchie when you walk thru it. Lots of plants have leaves that are curling up on the edges. I was once told by an old farmer this happens in times of lack of water. The curling leaves loose moisture.

The grass walking trails sprouted early and have grown good for about 2 weeks but recently they seem to have stopped and some of the small just sprouted stuff is turning a darker brown. I think thats the end for them. Time will tell.

On the bright side there is some grass germinating (fescues) that I planted for trails thru the prairie. Many other grasses germinating everywhere, I know some are "weeds" but I'm sure some are of the approx a dozen species of prairie grasses I planted. Also there a few small seedlings coming up. Most are just the first 2 leaves but some have the second set of leaves and of those I've found lots of Partridge Pea.

I have to admit I am impressed with the tenacity of some of the weeds that come up. Very little rain and still they are 6-8 inches tall in a weeks time. If only Oak trees grew that fast.

First picture is a little Partridge Pea the rest of the pictures are the grass trails I planted that grow thru the prairie. kinda sad that the trails look better than the prairie.
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