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Smile Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin

I just renewed my membership in the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin and I began to wonder if other states have a similar organization. This is what the foundation is about:
The Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin provides sustainable funding for Wisconsinís most imperiled species and public lands, while helping citizens connect with our stateís unique natural places.
We work to protect Wisconsinís natural heritage by supporting critical conservation work through our grant programs, offering opportunities for people to experience Wisconsinís outdoors through our field trip program, and providing a means for people to help protect Wisconsinís lands, waters, and wildlife that they cherish most, through charitable giving and the Wisconsin Conservation Endowment.
One of the things that they do is put together field trips so that the average person can experience some of the wonders of the state's natural environment:
Coordinated more than 1,650 Field Trips, where more than 36,700 people explored significant sites and projects across Wisconsin
History and Mission - Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin

I've been active in the natural world for many years but I didn't learn about this organization until a couple of years ago. The organization has been around for 30 years! How did I not know about them?!

It was the field trips that eventually caught my attention. Last year we went on 4 trips. We explored a prairie remnant, toured a lichen rich woods, attended a class on identifying native bees and walked through an old growth forest. They were all great trips.

The field trips are guided by very knowledgeable people and typically last about 3 hours. The cost is very reasonable, typically about $15 to $30. Groups are generally limited to 10 - 20 people so that each person can enjoy the full experience. Last year there were over 180 trips to choose from. Here's a link to last year's guidebook which lists all of the trips that were available:

And here's a brief description of the field trip program:
Field trip basics - Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin

Do you know of any other states have similar organizations offering field trips to the general public?
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