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Originally Posted by KC Clark View Post
That number is almost a year old now and does not take into account a storm that killed a lot of those butterflies.

I've heard things on both sides about how the numbers will look for this year's overwintering population. At my house, caterpillars were way down from the last two years and the first ones showed up later. But the situation was infinitely better than 2013 when I had zero.
I am glad you are seeing some. I haven't had any monarch caterpillars here for the past 4 years (at least, I havent *seen* any). Last week, I did spot one that must have been startled as I walked along a path. I didn't see it until it flew up into a nearby tree. Not seeing it up close, it might have even been a viceroy--but I believe it was a monarch.

Just today, while walking along a country road a few miles from here, I somehow spotted what appeared to be a recently emerged monarch. I was able to get a better shot with my phone'so camera than I first thought.


Mexico documents big rebound in monarch butterflies-20161010_152940.jpg
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