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Originally Posted by havalotta View Post
I was sprayed by one as a youngster. Picked up the cutest little thang. You've heard the phrase little stinker...Well it sure was. Threw the clothes away and soaked my snakeskin belt and snakeskin watch in tomato juice for days but I could still smell it. I wore them both anyway being my favorite accessories at the time.
And you lived to write about it.

What was the initial experience like? Eyes watering? Wrenching?

I'm just trying to get an idea what an animal (with no access to tomato juice would do). The faint odor of a skunk doesn't really bother me much (while driving past it anyway), but stronger, freshly sprayed is much more unpleasant--having it make contact with skin makes me wonder how bad it would be--hope I never find out.

I like the idea of a skunk passing through our property not viewing me as a threat...but, aside from that brief encounter several years ago, I've not seen one since.
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