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Originally Posted by katjh View Post
i tried a push-mower for a year or two as well. It just didn't get the weeds - they would pop right back up. I have just a small city lot and I don't care about making the back yard "presentable", but I try to keep my front yard looking OK to avoid neighbor conflicts. I've also used an electric mower (bought one with the house 20+ years ago). It worked fine but dragging the cord around was a PAIN. Can't tell you how many times I nicked the cord with the mower! When it finally died, I went back to gas. I haven't mowed yet this year (refuse to mow in April!). In an average year, I'll mow about every other week in June and early July and less than that in the hot/dry late July and August weather. I never water my grass. the end, I guess what I'm saying is: I've tried different mowers and have just decided that gas works best for me. I just try to stretch the time between mowings as much as I can get away with.

I'm most interested in keeping paths mowed so I can walk the property...but, until I have natives everywhere, I will be mowing sections to keep alien grasses and weeds at bay...and because, despite people probably thinking our property is too wild/unkempt, I do like things a little on the neater side. The bluebirds need things open (so even my meadow sections will eventually need mowed maybe once every three years.

Anyway, I grew up using a corded electric mower...until now, I don't think I thought much about my dad's choice at the time not to have a gas powered mower. ~smile~ I just remember learning on that mower and having to keep the cord to one side.

I ended up buying a Kobalt mower (another electric, cordless moweR) last night. I plan to try it out today.
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