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pawprint to be, or not to

I think there is a learning curve for us all, and I thank Wildlife Gardeners having given us a forum to exchange exciting ideas.

Just as diverse as plants may be, as diverse as bugs, diverse as weather conditions, diverse as regions, each of us has to determine what works well personally in our own little niche.

So we share the results, and are reassured by the accomplishments and by the disappointments, albeit the disappointments sometimes leave us scratching our head.

Nature is awesome like that, working with it or against it, but being a part of it brings joy.

What I have learned is that if I see a comely plant, a woods sunflower for example, and I love the joy it brings me, there where I find it growing, I should consider how long has it been there, will it return for the future enjoyment? And just as I think I have the woods sunflower's natural conditions 'all figured out'. Nature throws in a surprize! I found a careless woods sunflower growing in my vegetable garden last year, and it was thriving with limbs and many blooms, growing much differently than the natives.

I concluded that my hard white-ish clay gravel hillside will grow woods sunflower just fine on it's own, but the plant also thrives in dark, rich gravelly garden dirt. So for the woods sunflower example, they are able to live well in the hard, hot, dry edges of the roadside, with less weeds competing for the same place, because of the lack of soil improvement.

It sure is fun being a wildlife gardener, now if I can just figure out what suits the various niches, and what I'm able to do within them, then my next little project shall go forth.


ps to havalotta, I had same result with no carrots! I've not yet got the carrots to make in my garden even tho I've tried twice, but I was able to get the radishes, and this year, I'm trying potatoes...just for fun. I'm hoping the ground has improved with time & amendments.
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