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Scythe might be faster. Maybe 2x as slow as a riding lawn mower (I think). If the motion is done correctly its about as easy as golfing without having to chase the balls. It is how they mowed for hay in the past.

Your plants will really take off when you plant them in the sheet mulch area. Thats a lot of green energy being added to the soil. Should get really hot this summer like a hot compost and kill everything if it stays semi moist.

Cutting back can open holes for natives to mature. 6" is the recommended height. Also allowing a goat/sheep grazing to come through can help open up some holes in the cool season grasses. If you can get short term cattle, they will focus on grasses more than wildflowers.

Also knotweed can be cut and dried and used as bad supports in the garden. Maybe added to smaller bamboo stakes to make them longer. Knotweed is also edible, but only tastes any good at a young age when it tastes like asparagus. Edible later too but is to fibrous.
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