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Using oak/maple leaves. Maple leaves are more dense and can be used in sheet mulching. Applied a 3-4" layer of maple leaves and most of the grass is dead or weakened.

Wisteria leaves where the invasive vines are all over. Cut the green vines and leaves and age for a week and then can be easily applied. This dries out the vine stem so it doesn't resprout.

Himalayian blackberry. Create a makeshift shelf with some sticks and dry out out the canes and the leaves will drop. Same with any raspberry/blackberry.

Yew cuttings. Trimming back a yew has a lot of vine branches with needles. I use this to mulch under my blueberries. Not sure if it makes it more acidic.

Growing grasses as mulch. Big bluestem, Indian grass, Canadian Wild Rye, Switchgrass. Can be cut and dropped anywhere. Mines deep in the soil for nutrients. Can be cut in the winter and applied but risk of seeds.

Cup Plant might be another biomass plant for mulching.

External inputs of wood chips are nice to work with.
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