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Today I saw . . . a possum eating the cat food just outside the French doors in the sunroom at 4 AM. I had just put the cat and her food out, walked away for 5 minutes to get a cup of coffee and there he was, he almost finished the bowl! He didn't seem afraid of me at all. If I was more awake I would have grabbed my camera. I had to knock on the window and open and close the door a few times before he took the hint. He was about the same size as my cat. I try to pick up the food bowl as soon as she's done eating but sometimes I forget and I think Possumtrot (and most of the local dogs and cats) knows where to get a free meal! The birds like the cat food too, especially the blue jays and titmice. Normally I feed her during daylight hours but I've had insomnia lately and she's always at my feet as soon as I come downstairs to the kitchen meowling for food.
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