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I have to admit.... I'm laughing at this thread since.... I'm a die hard stick gardener and stick plants anywhere there's space to stick them that's available where I'm reasonably sure their cultural requirements will be met and.... that includes the natural areas of my property. I usually plant in 3s. I do run off of lists of native plants that historically occurred here though so that helps. I'll admit to giving up on using anything but native plants as "ornamentals" up tight around the house or even in the few "designer" landscape beds I have so there's nothing but natives planted willy nilly in those areas too. I keep meaning to do something about those "pockets" so I can add some curb appeal to this house but it never quite happens.... I lack the ability to design anything.... there's just no "artist" in me. What goes where in my veggie beds.... I'm careful with... pretty much for the reasons jack mentioned.
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