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Default Garden seeders.... does anyone use 1?

Does anyone own 1 of these garden seeders?
I’ve looked at em on and off for a few years and just can’t get over the price tag associated with them and well…. I don’t know that they’d be all that practical for someone who only has raised veggie beds. I got to thinking that some day I might have rows that were longer than 12” so I was just wondering if they’re worth the cost? They do look like they could save my back…. I just can’t part with the $$$ for something that seems so frivolous considering what space I’ve currently got to grow more of our own food. Here’s the seeders I’ve looked at, Lee Valley Tools - Important Announcement and Hoss Seeder Planter. Garden seeder for all plants. and Vintage Auction Catalogue - Hand seed drill, suitable for small seeds, sugar beet etc.
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