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I've been pulling in melons and squash to the point folk are sneaking away from me so they're not stuck leaving with a butternut or crookneck squash under their arm when they leave!!! I'm going to be pulling in the last of the tomatoes.... more corn, carrots, beets, kohlrabi, radishes, turnips, and real soon here.... more plums and pears... bushels of pears!!! Cabbage, brussel sprouts, more side shoots of broccoli and more cauliflower will be out there with my name on it by the end of the month. Celery should be ready to put up soon too and I can see I'm going to have eggplants coming out my rear. This has been the best year ever as far as yields for me. It's been absolutely incredible what I've been pulling out of these raised veggie beds. I have "arrived".... I'm closing in on being able to grow as well as my grandparents did!!! I'm going to attribute it to trialing a LOT of different veggies AND soundsgood's crushed egg shell potion and rabbit poops!!! We did have a pretty good year as far as temps and rain which helped since I didn't have to get out there to water as much as last year. Watering takes a loooooooooong time and sometimes.... you just can't get through it all.
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