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I lost my lovely big cucumber plant that was producing well, those lemon ball shaped cucs.
It was suffering from what was either downy mildew or mosaic and had to be pulled out so the other plants wouldn't be affected. Of course they"re still too small to produce yet.
A few tomatoes are all I'm getting now but soon I'll have lettuce! finally.

Equil, Our copper overhead phone lines where taken over by Verizon who are still marginally responsible for them depending on how many customers still use them. The product they are pushing is FIOS, under ground cables that make them alot more money with bundled services. It would probably be cheaper for a year or two with FIOS but then they can really raise the charges.
Sounds like we are in the same situation with these big companies.

I still have landlines and a roof antennae for TV so I don't even have cable.
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