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Don't you 2 hate me or anything because I like events where people are exposed to natural areas regardless of whether they’re a restoration or a revegetation BUT.... and this is a big BUT…. I’ve got serious reservations about Millennium Reserve ever amounting to the “image” they’re attempting to create in our minds. What I’m seeing is more of a public relations blitz via all these events that are designed to get us behind their “open space” projects making some of the richest people in the world even richer while letting others off the hook for cleaning up land they used and abused while making $$$ hand over fist, ‘New Nature Preserves To The North, South, And East’, New Nature Preserves To The North, South, And East: Chicagoist, “To the south, the proposed 140,000-acre Millennium Reserve received a million dollar grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that will go a long way towards restoring former industrial land in the Calumet region into a recreational asset. It is a bold concept, transforming abandoned blight on the Southeast Side and Northwest Indiana into the biggest park in the lower-48 states (more than 12 times the size of Lincoln Park). Though the nearly $12 million that has been raised for the project so far seems like only a drop in the slag-filled bucket to us, Cameron Davis, a senior adviser with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (and former director of the Alliance for the Great Lakes) is optimistic:
"Few places have seen as much abuse and neglect and have been written off like the Lake Calumet region. But every place is salvageable.”
To the east, the City announced that Jeanne Gang’s cool and whimsical vision for accessible nature at Northerly Island would begin to move forward, transforming what used to be Meigs Field into a small preserve that will represent six different ecosystems---and a campground! Check out Chuck’s full run-down on the project.” Why tap into tax payers for what’s going to end up being at least a billion $$$ clean up of all the hydrocarbons, lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, CFC’s, dioxins, polychlorinated biphenyls, pesticides, fungicides, benzene, xylene, tolune, and other toxins when we’ve got an EPA that should be citing current landowners as in the folk who hold titles to properties like ohhhhh…. the old smelting factory? Lemme guess…. much of the land is now owned by BigBank “stakeholders” and “partnered” speculators who were brought in on the ground floor of this “project” thanks to all the corruption and all the crony capitalists cutting deals behind closed doors. Am I missing something here>>>? Clean up could be as high as $200 a square foot or more in some of these so-called “blighted” areas and already I’ve been hearing talk of full scale remediation not being economically feasible. What are they really trying to “conserve” here because it’s certainly not biodiversity.
I’m all for open space... it's just that these events they’re spotlighting to promote Millennium Reserve aren’t representative of “open space” to me. They’re bankrolling Millennium Reserve with our tax payer $$$.... which I don’t see any of us being able to stop at this point…. shouldn’t we start pressuring them into setting aside a LOT more than 15,000 of the 200,000 acres slated for development for actual ecological restorations? Those small preserves they’ve incorporated into their design that are supposed to be “representative” of ecosystems aren’t enough carrot to dangle in front of my face because I've no doubt they’ll be dependent on “life support” into perpetuity…. just like all our man-made wetlands. Lemme guess again…. caring for those tiny pockets that are “representative” of ecosystems will create some of the “green” jobs we’ve been promised. 15,000 acres for nature preserves within Millennium Reserve is less than 10% of the total land being acquired for this project. Revegetating and restoring such a disproportionately low percentage of the total “project” just doesn’t seem fair to all the little people stuck footing the ongoing bill for this project especially when Chicagoans need updated sewage and water treatment plants and an end to the ongoing carp threats. I seriously can’t help thinking that all that glitters isn’t gold unless…. you’re 1 of the Millennium Reserve’s partners or stakeholders.
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