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I’m sure there’s all sorts of online instructions out there. Like linrose says…. There are many ways of going about it so I’ll just toss out what’s worked for me. BTW.... this would be a great time of year to start!!! I lay down thick black plastic and solarize the crap out of the grass. If time’s limited…. I pull up the plastic in about a month and literally cut the sod and flip it over so the roots are exposed and let the sun hit them for another week. Then I remove all the tape from boxes and lay them out flat over the area I solarized and flipped before adding a decent layer of compost… somewhere around 6”…. it’ll settle to about half of that once it rains a few times. If I want to plant right away…. I’ll layer sheets of newspaper over my compost… no worries about the ink… all ink is soy based these days as long as we don’t use any of the glossy pages. Then I hose the newsprint down then plant right through it by punching holes through the layers big enough to accommodate plugs or little pots then I add add about 3” of mulch around my plants. When I start by solarizing…. no chemicals are needed.
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