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pawprint Sometimes you can use staples with plastic

I would first try sewing rips with fishing line or that fancy quilting thread you have.
If you want the heavy duty metal screen, then rip out your existing mesh, and cover the frame with another screen of your choice, heck you could even use an old T shirt as a net. There again sew it around the edges like you would sew the top onto a drum. If you use metal screen or whatever, you could make the net kind of loose within the frame and stitch the outside lap of the screen around the frame and stitch it back to the inner part of the screen. Sometimes I just think...heyyyy I'm going to fix this thing without buying anything new, using stuff laying around the place. You might be surprised by all the interesting materials you can find in otherwise useless stuff.

You might stitch the new screen with some copper telephone wire (with or without the vinyl insulation your choice), or perhaps an old clothesline cord could be taken apart for the strongest inner threads to sew with.

Your frame looks like they originally fused the nylon mesh between (2) frame pieces and fused it permanently, it probably won't come apart easily unless you try the hot knife method (I can see you now, running in an out of the house with a hot knife)!

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