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I normally use a 1:1:1 combo of vinegar, water, and rubbing alcohol for windows, polishing them after with crumpled newspapers. If you don't want to use alcohol 1/4 c. vinegar, 1/2 tsp liquid soap and 2c water works too.

For your shower doors try full strength vinegar, buy a gallon, and put it in a spray bottle to use. Let it soak for some time. If the soap scum and lime buildup is still stubborn, try any citric acid, like lemon juice. Remember RealLemon? I'd try it unless you live in California and have a lemon grove in your backyard.

I use Mrs. Meyer's on nearly every other surface, floors, counters, bathrooms, etc. It smells great! You could probably make your own and just add essential oils for that great scent.
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This is a great list of non-toxic cleaning products and recipes for specific uses.

I don't fall for all that disinfectant stuff. As long as it's clean, it's good enough, and ammonia and chlorine are nasty chemicals to use. It took me a good long while to give them up but now I think they did damage to my health while I was using them. There's been so much in the news recently about kids and allergies and too much concern with sanitizing everything but I'm not going there!
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