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pawprint I like making mulch too

I don't think you have to worry about the cypress forest too much because of your mulch purchases. Your managing your cypress mulch in a ecological way Liquidambar. I've been to a few saw mills and the mulch they make is from barking the tree, chipping slabs, they like to strip that bark and sell it, but the the saw log or post is the value of the cypress not the mulch. All the saw mills have 'caught on' to selling the sawdust and bark, which in times not long ago, this was a waste byproduct and was given away, now it is just a little extra money maker.

Hardwood or Pine the sawmill likes to make a little money off the byproducts, remember the price of logs is very low, about the same price it was 20 years ago, actually less considering the hyperinflation of the last 5 years. If they are destructing the swamps of cypress (and they are) it is not because of the mulch sales.

I use 2" deep of oak sawdust/chip to stop grass from growing. Sprinkle sand over it, and/or add gravel rocks and the wind won't blow it away. Works great on pathways and around large existing plants, I use red cedar sawdust also (I think it helps hold down the ticks).

On veg. garden I will use lawnmower ground leaves hardwood & pine mixed slightly composted this year, I've got decent dirt, hopefully I won't have to add anything else. Then back into the compost/mulch heap this fall to add too/finish over winter.

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