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Eq! Yes! I KNEW you would have streamlined and customized your process Thanks for taking the time to share how YOU do it.

Started writing this last summer in anticipation of converting my many city pals who were also beginning to garden (roofs, windows, fire escapes). Also, writing/teaching helps me to fine tune the thinking. Wanted to have something to email 'em when the time came that I'd been doing it successfully for a year and had proof that Urban Garden 2.0 plants were as happy as imagined. Yup.

Re-read the above-linked WG Extreme Bokashi thread as I posted the words: wow. There are (were) a lot of people here trying it. Hope others who've refined will also post their experience, testimonials and tips/tricks.

Bokashi is extraordinary and may be scaled to work in cities as some towns across the pond are proving.
If only I had access to un-asphalted ground...
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